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Elastomeric coating Roofing Systems are growing in demand due to their "green" energy saving properties. They apply quickly and easily; fully adhere to most roofing substrates without the need for attachment devices; are self flashing; can eliminate the need for labor intensive tear off and disposal; can easily compensate for compromised/damaged substrate and roofs with poor drainage; are easy to repair or modify; and we can apply one of our white, reflective white coatings on top for ultimate protection and energy savings.








TPO (Single Ply Membrane) System

Mother-Nature Proof your roof!!


If your flat roofed building endures extreme temperatures, frequent high winds, damaging hail storms & even fire hazards, you need extreme roof protection with Single Ply Membrane Roofing.

TPO (Thermoplastic polyolefin) forms a sturdy shield that withstands decades of exposure to harsh elements; offers resistance to UV, ozone, and broad range of chemicals; entire roof applications are eligible for non-prorated material warranties; is white/energy efficient and can be applied in almost any climate/season.

This white, reflective, Energy Star rated system can save money in multiple ways including decreased cooling costs which can pay for your TPO system in just 7 years* and you may qualify for Federal Government tax credits/rebates - earmarked for energy efficient projects**

Rusty, Leaking, Metal Roofs? We Can Help!

Metal Roof Restoration (Elastomeric coatings) is a great way to rid yourself of an unsightly, leaky metal roof. It is a "green solution" and is proven energy efficient. The Metal Roof Restoration System comes with a non-prorated warranty for entire roofing application and is recommended for metal roofs with a pitch.

Acrylic coatings are versatile; adhere to a wide-range of substrates; easy and fast to apply; seals existing seams; covers the roof in a flexible, seamless, waterproof barrier; easy to repair and re coat (brush, roll or spray); extremely durable and problem-free; lightweight; potential energy efficiency to pay for coating system in 4-7 years on average**; qualify for federal tax credits and/or rebates earmarked for energy efficient projects****

The Metal Roof Restoration Process Includes the following;

1. Surface Prep - Clearing Roof free of debris & power washing roof surface

2. Apply Rust inhibitor (if needed) to rust prone/rusted areas

3. Seal all fastener heads, seams and protrusions

4.  Finish Coat - Apply white, reflective top coat

Finished application of 85% UV reflective, durable elastomeric coating.

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