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Hello and thank you for stopping by. Quality Roofing Systems is a family owned business for over 12 years, we take the name very seriously as QUALITY is job #1. My name is Jeff Edwards and along with the terrific team we have become one of the fastest growing roofing contractors in the Tulsa Metro area and beyond.

Quality Roofing Systems is a licensed and accredited contractor for residential, commercial and industrial roofing systems which are energy star approved.

We use both Roof-Tek and Johns Manville materials that are up to 85% UV reflective and we are a certified Roof-Tek & PolyGlass Contractor. This lowers roof surface temperatures up to 30% which decreases the amount of heat transferred into the building's interior thus increasing economic efficiency, reduces air pollution and contributes to a more productive work environment. Our materials consist of environmentally friendly water based components.

These applications prolong the need for roof replacement and are easy to maintain.  Since our roofing systems are white in color, they often are significantly lighter in weight than dark roofs which require the use of hot asphalt-based adhesives and sealers.

Our roofing systems are systems that pay for themselves over a short period of time in just efficiency savings alone.

Types of Roofing Systems include:

  •  Metal Roof Restoration (Elastomeric Coatings)

  •  TPO (Single-Ply Membrane System)

  •  Polyurethane Foam

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